Enjoy Your Delicious Life at MONKS!

“Pull up a chair, take a taste

Come join us

Life is so endlessly delicious.”


It is written on one of the wall of the cafe. So, OU decided to sit in one of MONKS’ chairs a few weeks ago, spent some time sipping coffee and we immediately fell in love!


Located in Komplek Graha Boulevard Timur, Summarecon Kelapa Gading Blok ND1/51, Kelapa Gading, MONKS has been quite a treasure in North Jakarta since they first opened its door in 2016. Once you walk into the cafe, it definitely would be one of your go-to cafes in town!

Such Positive Vibes to Chill In


Push the pivot door open and you will be welcomed by a spacious room with Japanese-styled mural on the grey wall. Other than coffee brewing equipments and a cash register, there’s a glass case in the counter filled with cakes and desserts where you can pick on your own. Also, the wooden and rattan seats are pretty comfortable.


Don’t worry if you can’t find vacant seats because there are more seats available upstairs. You can even sit in the swing seats available there. They are so comfortable that you can spend hours chilling in the cafe. If you got bored of working in the office or you’re currently trying to find a place to do school assignments with your friends, the tables are pretty wide. And your stress would melt away in an instant!


We believe it’s not just the comfy seating that become the factors that captivate its visitors to come back here. It’s also the artsy murals and friendly staffs!


Plenty of Photo Spots


If you love cafe-hopping for its photo spots (like us), then MONKS is the right destination for you! There are plenty of places and corners that are perfect to take OOTD or simply capture your moment with friends. Psst, even the toilet is cute! Just check out these photos that we took. Interesting, eh?


No Ordinary Menu


Another reason why we love MONKS is because they don’t just have the right place, they also have the right food and drink!


For a very unique cafe, there’s no ordinary menu. Andx that’s the charm! You can try a lot of dishes which is a combination of Japanese and Western. If you feel like eating bread-base food, then go with toast or burger. Or if you’re thinking to have a fancy dinner with your significant other, you can order steak or salad. You can even pick many options of ramen, udon and sushi.


It’s no different with the beverages. They don’t just serve coffee, they also have smoothies, cold-pressed juice and lots of blended drinks for you to choose.


OU ordered hot coffee and we also tried one of their most ordered dishes: PBB (Pork Bacon Bomb). PBB is pork bacon rolled with rice, cheese, nori and served with torched spicy mayo. Like its name, it really is da bomb!


Anyway, the Salmon Sushi Roll also tasted delicious. The chopped salmon marinated with their special spicy sauce rolled with Japanese sushi rice has cured our longing for Japanese food.

Still can’t find a cool place to chill this week? Bring your friends here to have a chit-chat in MONKS! Or you can try their “stone” cake. Curious about what it tastes like? Well, YOU tell us after you try it, okay? 😉


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