Dance through The Night in Ding Dong Disko!

It’s not a secret anymore that South Jakarta is such a great place that has fun vibes to chill in our lovely town, Jakarta. But there is this particular place we like to discuss: Kemang! Yup, you probably already know what place we’re talking about. This amusing place is called Ding Dong Disko. You can find it near Twilo Skate Corner, Aksara Kemang and the infamous McDonald’s Kemang (yeah, that crazy junction we all know about). It is open on Sunday-Thursday at 11 PM – 2 AM and Friday-Saturday at 11 PM – 4 AM.


So, after you get where Ding Dong Disko is, let’s talk about why you really need to visit this place!


No, it’s not like you’re dancing on the top of arcade game!


First of all, Ding Dong Disko (you can say DDD or 3D) is actually just a name, gimmicky one. They claim to be “an alluring intimate dancing space”. Ding Dong Disko can also be called a restaurant, food joint, cafe, or bar (anything that can be represent F&B place). They serve some really-mainstream-that-people-nowadays-are-crazy-about cuisines, which is not bad though! Much more important is that most of the food is delicious. Shout out to anyone in its kitchen department!


Also the bar menu is pretty dope. They served some mainstream beverages but there were these two that captured our attention. So we decided to have the #LOKALDISKO; Nona Ria and Nona Sari. And turned out, we love the taste! The price was pretty affordable too. It’s really worth to try.





After 9 PM is when the DJ come up to the their beloved throne and SKRTTT-ing those CDJ hard! Almost all the music genre were played through the night. Sometimes it goes with mainstream tunes, sometimes it’s nostalgic and sometimes it’s the-hella-fun songs. Imagine you start from Nelly – “Hot in Herre” to Doraemon OST House Remix. The sound system (speaker and all the stuff) were decent and the dance floor were super packed. But you know, it’s disco, right? You’re supposed to bump your body onto each other’s and hype up with your homies.


Not only the DOPE music selection, the ambience of the room is also off the hook! It looks red-ish, neon-ish, with the interior design that looks like an old-school disco/bar kinda place. It’s pretty obvious that DDD is well-designed! And it has plenty of Instagrammable spots as well.


Take some notes!


To be remembered that the parking space is super limited, so you guys better use a “online-based-public-transportation-that-proudly-made-by-the-people-of-our-country.” If you insisted to bring your private car, we suggest you to find a parking spot near McD, Twilo, or in front of OZ Radio Jakarta. Too bad the air conditioner were rather hot, so we recommend you to wear something comfortable (Well, we know you guys wanna look ON POINT but wearing a crazy THICK jacket in this place means you’re crazy).




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